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Archive for "Apr 11 2006"

Babalu Blog: A message for some of our fellow “Hispainyoo-lahs”

No, Val did NOT actually have any doing with this, and I’m rewriting like a sonofabitch, whom is me, baby:
So do me a favor: “Blow me, you cocksuckers”

(via aaron)

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Revenge: Ummm…

The screen capture from aaron has been annoying me; I think I got my guy but the “fuck you” seems almost seemless when compared to his “Allah Fubar” guys….

So now I’m hankering toward shooting every fucking wetback who steps in my lawn. And here in Port Richmond, that’s a fucking onslaught.

Me, my Mossbergs.. perfect together.

It’s called “illegal” for a reason, you fucking punks.
You know that much, don’t you? Fuck it. Shooting season is open on your asses. I promise that if you are not on my turf, I won’t. So show me your green card, dickbag.

UPDATE (9AM): I’M still feeling kinda homicidal… and if anyone asks, it’s goddamned Douchie’s fault.

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