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Springtime in New York

Yes, all is normal in my little asylum: people are getting
shocked in the streets, and the Borough Park Hasids are going nuts over bullshit:

Angry mobs of Hasidim taunted cops and set fires in the streets of Brooklyn last night after police busted an elderly member of their community in a traffic stop….

The incident that sparked the disturbance occurred when officers responding to a robbery spotted Schick stopped at a red light in his Cadillac and talking on his cell phone, a police source said.

After the uniformed cops were called off the robbery, they returned to the intersection and confronted Schick, who was still stopped in the street despite the light having turned green.

Schick allegedly refused to turn over his documents. “He started yelling, ‘What are you going to do?’ ” the police source said. Witness Haskel Rosenfeld, 29, said he didn’t see any mishandling of Schick.

The only current semi-established facts: “Old guy” ; “talking on his cellie while driving” ; “dissed the cops” ;…HE’S DEAF IN ONE EAR?

But some members of the mob were convinced that cops had roughed up Schick, whose brother Marvin, an aide in former Mayor John Lindsay’s administration [ed. note: who cares?], is a prominent columnist in the Jewish press [ed. note: ohhkaay…so that gives…I CANNOT RESIST: This geriatric Jew somehow earned some “juice” against the law on the street becuase he’s got family in the press?]

“I could see his hearing aid, and he wasn’t hearing them [ed: See now equals HEAR],” said Joey Weiss, 26. “He was asking them, ‘What’s going on? What did I do wrong?’ “

And that’s reason enough to start calling NYPD “Nazis” and getting wild in the streets…

Demonstrators smashed the windows of one police cruiser and torched another by throwing a gasoline-soaked rag into its backseat. A helicopter searchlight swept the street, and riot police formed lines along 16th Ave., hollering, “Back on the sidewalk!”

via FARK:

Corvusnex: “Were they throwing Matzoh-tov cocktails at the police?” …
Clemson Chili: “actually wouldn’t Mazel’tov cocktails be funnier?

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