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Archive for "Mar 29 2006"

It’s White Trash Wednesday!

I am 32% White Trash.
Not Too White Trashy

The white trash in my blood will not keep me from becoming a doctor or a lawyer, but it will keep me from a good haircut and any sort of fashion sense.

White Trash Wednesday Roundup at basil’s blog.

Here We Go Again

Jeez, this act is getting old…

[tag]Apple[/tag] Computer Inc. and the [tag]Beatles[/tag]’ Apple Corps Ltd. faced off in a London courtroom Wednesday, and neither side in the trademark dispute appeared willing to settle the case and simply “Let It Be.”

So the keepers of the Beatles’ flame are once again going to try to shake down the Mothership. But the reason is… well, fucking ridiculous:

At issue, according to Bromberg, is whether the computer firm had the right to attach the name “Apple” to [tag]iTunes[/tag], and what damage that might have caused to [tag]Apple Corps.[/tag]

How can you “damage” a brand that in the public’s consciousness is–at best–akin to a pair of Seventies era platform shoes; covered in cobwebs in the back of the closet. The only time you’re reminded they still exist is when they pull shit like this. Ask the average potzer walking down the street with those white ear buds plugged into their skull if they knew what “Apple Corps” was and they’d guess it was a Macintosh tech support squad. The idea that calling it “Apple iTunes” does any damage to “Apple Corps” is ludicrous; no one under a certain age even knows who those assholes are.

KILL THEM, STEVE! No more paying to make them go away. Take them to court and kick their money-grubbing asses into submission. You’re a bigger frickin’ rock star these days than those cheeky antiques those clowns claim to be “protecting.” You ain’t selling CDs, you’re selling computer files. That fossilized agreement you signed with them back in 1981 is void, baby!

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The Lip Won’t Quit

He wants King Rhoid gone, NOW!

Before the new season starts, before Bonds adds to a legend that has grown the way the rest of him has, Selig must announce, once and for all, the sport’s investigation of this home run era in baseball in general, Bonds in particular. If Bonds doesn’t like being called out this way by baseball after being called out by this book, if his union — which fought drug testing for years – doesn’t like it, then let them all do what nobody has yet done:

Stand up and say that Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams are the ones lying here.

King Rhoid can’t, because they’re not; they nailed the cheating POS to the wall.

Mike Lupica: Time for Selig to bury Bonds

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