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Archive for "Mar 25 2006"

Here’s a Shout Out

I’m kinda, sorta drunk (does a dozen cans count as “inebriated” anymore? I mean, I’m walking about, glancing at the TV and spitting at that prick Steiner shilling shit on the YES network, and BootzDog has not bit me…. which is big. He always bites me if I’m in stumbling bum mode… I’m calling it “mightily buzzed” and now I’m done with it).

Ooh, look, it is Paul O’Neil! AARGH! Steiner just said “us” as in the idea he’s a frackin’ Yankee!

Go check out Butch at 123beta while I beat the bejeezus out of my TV.

Yo, Kos Kids? “Support” This

via Insty, we find another example of how the anti-war crowd gets jammed up managing to get the soldiers they claim to support to play along with their script, and shun getting into the shit.

No quasi Canadiens here:

Three years ago, 162 slots were set aside for the [tag]Marines[/tag] and the [Naval] academy ended up turning away some applicants. The number of slots was increased the next year, to 195, and the Corps drew 207 applicants. Last year the cap was set at 207; more midshipmen were turned away.

I hold Marines dear because–beyond the balls–the words scrolled on the bottom of my family’s crest is their credo… which makes them Irish, which makes them brothers in the eternal battle against Dago Bastards!… and Yuppies…musn’t forget the Yuppies….

Besides, the local Marine Corp League clubhouse is where Da ran his bagpipe band through their numbers three times a month….


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