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Archive for "Mar 22 2006"

Church Sign Smackdown!

WuzzaDem goes bonkers with a newly discovered web toy.

Frogs Oblivious to Steve’s RDF*, Decide Piracy Better than Monopoly Property

Jeez, when they pitch fits like this it makes you kinda hope the Islamists thoroughly kick their cheese-eating asses before the inevitable surrender:
BBC NEWS | Apple attacks plan to open iTunes

[tag]Apple[/tag] has criticised a French law that could break the locks tying songs from the [tag]iTunes[/tag] store to [tag]iPod[/tag] players.

The EU’s collective brain-freeze when it comes to developing some home-grown technology to compete with market-leading American companies (see Microsoft), coupled with their reflexive socialist tendencies, makes them think they can pull this kind of crap without ever thinking about the consequences; just issue their dictates to businesses and then, when the companies try to fight, the EUnichs want the battle fought behind closed doors. Their ideas about free markets reek like last week’s brie.

On Tuesday French lawmakers voted 296 to 193 in support of a law that would stop Apple, plus any other firm selling music downloads, using proprietary software to limit what people can do with tracks they have bought.

In other words: “screw your copyrights, artistes, producers and publishers; they die when they reach our shores.” Once Pierre downloads a copy of some song, movie, whatever, he can dub off as many copies as he wants, see-voo-play! Feckless [tag]France[/tag] want Apple, and every other company, to cough up the keys to their Digital Rights Management (DRM) software so any Frenchy (and eventually any citizen of the [tag]EU[/tag] Zoo) can crack the download’s copyright protection wide open.

In a response issued after the law won initial approval, Apple said: “If this happens, legal music sales will plummet just when legitimate alternatives to piracy are winning over customers.”

You got that right; why buy when mon frere can just burn me a copy for free? I like this bit of snark the Apple rep added as a “fuck you, Frenchy, we’ll still get our cut” dig:

Said Apple: “iPod sales will likely increase as users freely load their iPods with “interoperable” music which cannot be adequately protected. Free movies for iPods should not be far behind in what will rapidly become a state-sponsored culture of piracy.”

No wonder that country is such a train wreck. They don’t produce a damn thing you can’t buy somewhere else, so the stuff they can’t come up with themselves they want handed over for free.

Jonathan Arber, analyst at market research firm Ovum, said: “This is potentially a big blow for Apple, whose iTunes/iPod business model is built on its very lack of interoperability with other devices and services.”

“This could force Apple to withdraw from France, or certainly rethink its strategy in the country.”

Not “withdraw,” you stupid SurrenderMonkey. Apple shuts down it’s French iTunes store–to protect its [tag]DRM[/tag] scheme from being made worthless–and sells their hardware, that has already proven to be the king of the hill.

Why doesn’t BMG have any of these dweebs in their pocket?

(RDF*= Reality Distortion Field)

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Calling All NYC Street Hackers

Forget impressing your friends by making crosswalk signs or most elevators bow down before your mad skillz, here comes a more challenging bit of fun:

The ubiquitous New York subway stretch — commuters craning their necks from the edge of the platform to see how long they’ll be waiting for the next train — could soon be a thing of the past.

By the end of next year, electronic message boards on subway platforms will inform riders when the next train will arrive, bringing New York up to speed with London, Paris and Washington, said Transit Authority program officer Nabil Ghaly.

“It’s about time that riders here enjoyed the same timely arrival and delay information that systems around the world have had for years,” said Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign, a riders’ advocacy group.

I figure it will take roughly a couple of weeks–a month, tops–before someone figures out how to talk to those message boards, through a laptop or Crackberry, and turn them puppies into electronic graffiti machines.

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