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We Told You He’s Evil

[tag]The Alliance[/tag] has long-known [tag]Glenn Reynolds[/tag], aka “[tag]Instapundit[/tag],” law professor and web raconteur, in reality is a puppy blending, hobo killing maniac. Prof. Reynolds has managed to convince many and sundry that he is, in fact, just a smart, mild-mannered guy with a variety of interests; able to turn “heh” and “indeed” into defacto trademarks, while becoming the “editor of the blogosphere” and the go-to guy for the MSM when they need a bloggy talking head for one of their stories or shows. But….

If you prick him, he does not bleed. [tag]Evil Glenn[/tag] just brings the whoop-ass crashing down on your tinfoil helmeted head, as an oblivious [tag]moonbat[/tag] recently learned:

Moonbat: Hello Insta-idiot,

Courtesy of Glenn Greenwald- whom I’m sure you wish you could be, if you ever grow a brain and some integrity- some of your wise words about the opponents of the Iraq War.

yadda, yadda, yadda (old Insta-post quote) yadda, yadda (sneering “immoral rethuglican” crack)

Evil Glenn: Well, I actually think that Glenn Greenwald wants to be me, though if so he’d be well advised to stop lifting his stuff from Tom Tomorrow.

And then he whips out his Tennessee Cluebat of Reality and brings the pain on the poor dumb bastard’s skull.

UPDATE: See? Now he’s trying to smoke my servers. EVIL!

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There are 8 Comments to "We Told You He’s Evil"

  • David F says:

    Please, hope his ass tasted good. Some sites will do anything for an Instalanche. Good to see you checked your dignity at the door, along with your website design skills.

  • TC says:

    Get over yourself, skippy. And if your anonymous punkassed eyes had bothered to actually look, you would have noticed I didn’t design the joint’s theme; it’s off the shelf.

  • Bill Quick says:

    Just think – David F. dragged himself up from his steady diet of chips-n-sewage in this pathetic attempt to get noticed by his betters, and it worked. TC, you replied to him, and I, coming in on the Instaslide, actually acknowledged his existence.

    He’s had a good day, I’d say. One he could brag about to his grandchildren, assuming modern science can do something about those pesky DNA deformities he’s been plagued with….

  • Jim C. says:

    I’m sure David F. is widely acquainted with the taste of ass, starting with his head up his own.

    I prefer to think of Instapundit as wielding a Vulcan nerve pinch here, a stiletto there (enthusiastically handed to him by his critics).

  • Tim says:

    Too much fun. Reynold’s effortlessly demolishes a rude (excuse the redundancy) moonbat on his blog; another blogger, TC, recognizes the artistry at work and salutes; and yet another moonbat, not learning the lesson of what happens to moonbats, launches another assault on TC!

    I used to wonder why the ‘slodey dopes would kill innocents by blowing themselves up – I’ve come to realize that for some people, stupid, futile and self-defeating assaults are just part of their genetic code. Thankfully, for now it is just angry moonbattery on the web – although if they lose again in ’06 and then again in ’08, we should begin to expect the worst. They can’t help themselves…

  • Richard R says:

    If it’s not too much to ask, could someone clue me into what the “lifting his stuff from Tom Tomorrow” line was about?

  • SoldiersForOurGodLikeLeader says:

    Its time to stop kidding around. These moonbats are providing aid and comfort to the enemy. We must arrest and execute these traitorous anti-americans losers.

    With God on our side, only we can win!

  • Kev says:

    Richard: Tom Tomorrow is the author of this lefty comic that often appears in alternative newsweeklies.