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Archive for "Mar 18 2006"

Reality Slap

I didn’t go to the parade. That’s for rookies and touristas. I hunkered down here at home, a TV flashing the line of march with the stereo loaded with the best of my Mick shit, and invited the usual suspects over to hang out, gutting a couple of computers and beefing up their brothers with the entrails while waiting for the crew to show up. ‘Going out’ was for later.

We watched the broadcast and made fun of the TV people, amazing at their ability to talk when a band was standing in front of their faces. We barked out “There’s_______” whenever someone one of us knows went by, and I worked on fisking Zsa Zsa while making sure the crew didn’t fuck the house totally up and turn my dog psychotic.

Tommy said “Stop” and killed the music. Everybody shut up as the FDNY guys carrying 343 American flags behind a purple and black banner shouting that number crossed the camera’s eye. And then they were gone and the television yappers went right back at it.

Tommy: “Red, you got that Tom Paxton song?”
ME: “Who the fuck is Tom Paxton?”
Tommy: “Gimme that laptop.”

And that’s how Tommy pointed me at this: TOM PAXTON–“The Bravest”

Now every time I try to sleep
I’m haunted by the sound
Of firemen pounding up the stairs
While we were running down

When the song ended, BootzDog could feel the vibe in the room and curled up in a ball at my feet. Tommy got his act together and lifted a beer up.

Tommy: “For Bergin.

And never forgetting

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Put on Your Green Suede Shoes

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