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Archive for "Mar 17 2006"

Zsa Zsa: Unrepentant; Still Doesn’t Get It

After copping to publishing a bogus post, receiving a public dressing down from the “author” (plus a serving of webby ridicule) for her efforts, today Zsa Zsa has the chutzpah to try wrapping herself in the flag of Blog Evangelist to explain herself.

[tag]Arianna Huffington[/tag]: The Medium Isn’t the Message — The Message Is the Message

First of all, is the blogosphere powerful or what? As has been endlessly noted, the Clooney blog was drawn from answers he had given in interviews with the Guardian and on Larry King.
Neither of which garnered much, if any, reaction.

The interviewee, [tag]George Clooney[/tag], is a known entity, whose thoughts on whatever subject are pretty well established…it’s why the Guardian and King querried Clooney along a political line. In his responses he wasn’t staking out any new terrain, so it didn’t generate a buzz. If something didn’t fit the typical Clooney script, it would have been news, likely linked by Drudge, and drawn a different reaction.

But when the same words and ideas were repackaged in the form of a blog, they were suddenly exposed to a new audience, infused with a new currency — and exploded into the public eye, drawing an overwhelmingly positive response and provoking a great deal of valuable discussion.

Jeez, where do I begin? Read More ›

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