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Archive for "Mar 16 2006"

I Concur=Clooney to Zsa Zsa: “Screw You!”

Okay, after she started her “fabulous famous people” (with a noticeable lack of those FFP’s in attendance) waste of bandwidth, I knew [tag]Zsa Zsa[/tag] was teetering on the verge of full blown ridiculous madness. But this…
Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown: Clooney & Huffington’s blog of war

George Clooney is spitting mad at [tag]Arianna Huffington[/tag] – and the blogosphere is wobbling on its axis.

“She said some things that I won’t share, but she did tell me that this could be bad for me – bad for my career. Well, screw you!” the movie star told me yesterday about a conversation he had with the doyenne of “I’m not going to be threatened by Arianna Huffington!”

If what Clooney is saying is true (and after yesterday’s shitstorm, I’m more than ready to believe the guy), then that broad’s ego knows no bounds, and she’s fallen into full-tilt madness if she thinks she has anything resembling enough Hollywood juice to allow her to go toe-to-toe with the guy. She might fancy herself the “Online Queen of Hollywood” because she allows a bunch of low level losers from La-La Land to screech from her web-based perch, with the occasional “name” taking a turn in her game, but Clooney is the current King of the real thing; he puts the word out, her web site dies.

Nothing she’s trying to sell to the press as her defense stands TC’s Smell Test.

“This was an honest misunderstanding,” she wrote. “But any misunderstanding that occurred, occurred between Clooney and the publicist. We based our decision to post on the unambiguous approval we received in writing.”

Clooney’s publicist Stan Rosenfield disagreed.

“It’s not a misunderstanding, it’s misrepresentation,” he said. “She knows what she was doing. She was saying to people that she had George Clooney’s blog and was printing it. George Clooney does not make statements. He answers questions.”

Exactly, Stan. Your boy never spoke that riff, never mind wrote it.
Back to Grove’s piece:

Clooney told me: “Nobody has ever written an op-ed piece for me. If I say I’ve written something, I’ve written it. When I go to the Oscars, I write everything I say…I stand by what I do, but I’m very cautious not to take giant steps onto soapboxes because I think they’re polarizing.”

Clooney said that when he demanded a disclaimer from Huffington, she refused. “She told me that it’s a big no-no in the blogosphere, where people are supposed to write their own pieces.”
[emphasis mine]

Yo, Zsa Zsa? In my eyes one of things that would qualify among candidates for the absolutely BIGGEST NO-NO in the blogosphere–especially for a joint like yours–is foisting off a cut and paste job you and your minions cobbled together, presented as if one of your precious FFP’s had stopped by and written the thing himself.

You could have just written a headline and a squib of text, then provided links to the interviews you plagiarized, and stick it on the front page. But then you wouldn’t have your “get” and draw a slew of readers to your hit meters when people interested in all thing Clooney learned that “Clooney was blogging at the Huffington Post!” Your traffic received a huge spike as the meme went out that Cooney was reading along the line Washington’s Dems were hearing from Feingold. Hollywood/Politics symmetry, dahling!

Recently the [tag]NY Times[/tag] was all a twitter when they found out Wal-Mart’s PR firm had reached out to “[tag]Wal-Mart[/tag] friendly” [tag]bloggers[/tag] in an attempt to get out Wal-Mart’s side of the story in the battle their client is fighting in cyberspace against people who consider the company to be evil incarnate. (An update on that brouhaha from one of the bloggers involved can be found here.) The gist of the Times hit-piece was “these dirty bloggers are unethical bastards, just reprinting Wal-Mart’s press releases, so don’t trust a word of it to be legit.” As one of your own merry band, the decidedly non-FFP George Galloway–which means I trust HE actually wrote it–headlined his reaction to the Times “exposé”: N.Y. Times Wins BFD Award.

But what you did, Zsa Zsa, damn well is a Big Fucking Deal. Those blogs might not have properly sourced parts of some posts; you made shit up out of whole cloth. You lifted stuff from unacknowledged sources, rigged the shit to make it read like an actual, first-person narrative, and then slapped Clooney’s name atop of it!

Fer chrissakes, Jayson Blair had better ethics than you’ve shown yourself to possess; at least he printed made-up, plagiarized shit under his own byline.

You think you know something about the blogosphere because you hired some people to build you a website and slapped your name at the top of the masthead. Somewhere you picked up the concept of un-acceptible blogger etiquette. You (at this point, who fucking knows who?) write some riffs and hit “submit” and… you think you’ve got it all this “New Media” stuff sussed.

You don’t know shit! The appearances you’ve made on various media outlets as the “star power” sitting on the throne at the [tag]Huffington Post[/tag] (or as I like to call it: Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Asshatted [tag]Moonbats[/tag]) , pontificating about [tag]New Media[/tag] and what is going on in Bloglandia for clueless bastard talking heads has deluded you. This stunt has marked your circle jerk of a website as a place where a reader can never trust whether anything “blogged” there can be taken with more than a shaker’s worth of salt to be the actual writings of the “A List” person who it’s attributed to, instead of ghost-written garbage churned out by a PR flack or one of your hacks.

If anyone committed a “big no-no in the blogosphere,” it was YOU, toots. If Clooney didn’t blow a gasket, you would have gotten away with it, and would likely do it again. You perpetrated a fraud, foisted it on your readers, and even now when offering your excuses after getting busted, you haven’t admitted that basic fact and shown a morsal of remorse.

All the HuffPo commenters who gushed and swooned over Clooney’s “post” were played like a pack of saps, and should now be looking to pillory your ass.

Grove’s close:

Huffington, who’d been haggling with Clooney’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield, over the wording of a disclaimer, told me: “I believe it is time for all of us to move on.”

I hope Clooney decides to whack the shit out of your self-important, star-fucked “New Media” head, like a piñata on a stick, till your hubris bleeds from your ears.

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