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Archive for "Mar 11 2006"

Well Slap My Ass and Call Me “Cracker”

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Hey, Vito? Take a Look in Your Own Backyard

I got a constituent e-mail from my local Republican robot the other day:
Fossella (NY13) – Press Release – Rep. [tag]Fossella[/tag] Statement on DP World

Fossella said, “It was the bottom of the ninth and two strikes against [tag]DP World[/tag]. It made the only decision it could. Congress would have voted to block the deal and overridden the President’s likely veto. With no support of any kind, DP World could only offer to give up its stake it the U.S. ports. Now the question is whether DP World will shift management control to another entity or divest itself of the U.S. facilities. I don’t think Congress will accept anything less than a complete divestiture. Today represents progress, but it does not represent the end of the matter. We must carefully review DP World’s plan to determine whether it is in the United States’ national security interest.”

Okay, I’m not gonna argue about what his motivations were about fighting against the [tag]Dubai[/tag] outfit being allowed to manage a few slots in a sixpack of local ports…

but I wanna ask this of my local Congessdroid:

If having DP World skulking about at our nation’s ports somehow constitutes a threat to our nation’s security, how is that a company controlled by the Chinese government has complete control of the largest containerport in the state of New York…right in your own backyard at [tag]Howland Hook[/tag] (which used to be controlled by local Conservative Party honcho Carmine “Never Did Time” Ragucci), and you haven’t ever given a fucking damn about that?

Explain the differences in the UAE and China, vis-a-vis our nation’s security. The former may have some jihad-loving motherfuckers running around their towns, but the latter are the ones aiming nuclear-tipped missiles at Taiwan, Japan and US.

C’mon, Vito, I wanna know: is it just because they’re Muslims? Or are you telling me you trust the Red Chinese?

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Today’s Car Porn

Brought to you straight from Shaolin:
Restoring a 1-of-751 1967 Ram Air GTO – High-Performance Pontiac

Is there any wonder NASCAR wants to build a track out here?

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