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Archive for "Mar 08 2006"

It Ain’t News, it’s Ace Gettin’ Gididdy on the Freaky

Frank Rich was right! Brokeback Mountain really has caught on in the heartland!

Okay, yeah, they didn’t have sex with sheep. But they had sex near sheep, okay?

Ace to the Rescue!:

In Leroy’s defense, the lamb did look almost old enough to be a ewe.

Deputy Fire Chief: “You Caught Me… I Tried To F**k Your Sheep”


So there’s this shitty little student rag published in a corner of that vast, politically correct, hippie-infested wasteland beyond our northern border, that took a “principled” stand concerning the Mo-fuckin-ahmed cartoons, which were a subject covered in a recent article the smelt-wrap ran.

“We shall not print them,” they decreed, “for to do so would be an insult to Musli-Cannuckies.”

“You’re a pack of pussies,” said an editor as he walked out the door.

One week later, though, they had NO problem with running this shit.

Because those people don’t threaten to cut your head off.

Be sure to read through the comments accompanying the post. And kudos to Kate. “SDA: The Roadkill Diaries” just earned a slot in my Links list

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