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Archive for "Mar 06 2006"

Air America Idiot Update

Jeez, go away for a week and all hell breaks freaking loose!

First, da numbers:

The NYC Arbitron Abbattior 02/27/06:
WABC (Rush, Hannity): 3.4; 10th overall
WOR (O’Reilly, Savage): 2.1; 20th overall
WLIB (Air Idiot): 1.4; 24th overall

By now I’m guessing most of you who lurk hereabouts have heard, via Brian Maloney, that there may be blood in the waters swirling around Air Idiot’s “flagship” station here in NYC. As far as Maloney’s veracity, I’ll believe him–even if he (and his screeching yenta sidekick Malkin) is a little shitbag “Johnny Come Lately” when it comes to following the trevails of the Idiots. For anyone paying attention, the scenario Maloney portrays makes perfect sense. (Actually, it made sense months ago.) But because he comes off as a totally bitter motherfucker who can’t get a gig in radio–despite his claim to have once been described as something similar to Limbaugh when he actually had a radio job, and didn’t subsist on blogads and envy as he seems to do these days (note: Look, Brian, having O’Reilly ocassionally shoveling you down his knuckle-dragging audiences throat makes you less than Olberman, so don’t be so fucking happy, kapeesh?) you have to take his reporting with a shaker full of salt.

But his story does ring true. The Idiots have done absolutely jack shit, ratings-wise, since kicking the Caribbean format off WLIB, and with all the money woes the netlet has been experiencing, that the Suttons decided to pull the plug would not be a huge surprise if the Idiots are dicking them around, money-wise. As one wag on the NY Radio Message Board put it, “No one in their right mind would be happy with a 1.4 and being permantley stuck in 24th place next to a Long Island station.”

In reality, Air Idiot consists of Franken and Randi Rhodes; the rest of their lineup is pure, unadulterated suckass. The idea that whoever has been funneling money into this losing effort is allowing Air Idiot to lose their NYC station is still kind of startling, if true. The only thing I can think of, as far as a business rationale, is the muckedymucks in charge of Air Idiot are going to just bail out of terrestrial radio and concentrate on satellite and web streams, and hope to high heaven they can syndicate those two for something that resembles a decent dollar value. But since, despite his hemming and hawing, Franken is gone in a year for his delusional quest for a Minnesota Senate seat, even that scenario is pretty damn iffy.

Prediction: One year from now, the only Idiot still standing is Randi Rhodes. Everyone else is gone.

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