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Archive for "Feb 23 2006"

Hillary Goes Bonkers in Da Bronx

She running pretty much unopposed for re-election to her Senate seat, and she’s talking like someone stole her meds.

Clinton raps vouchers

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton slammed private-school voucher proposals yesterday, predicting that vouchers would eventually lead to the creation of taxpayer-financed white supremacist academies – or even a government-funded “School of the Jihad.”

I understand she’s gotta go along with anything that teacher’s union boss Randi Weingarten wants, and Randi wants vouchers destroyed as an option for parents looking to flee the failed school system Randi’s crowd runs, but …

“First family that comes and says ‘I want to send my daughter to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic School’ and you say ‘Great, wonderful school, here’s your voucher,'” Clinton said. “Next parent that comes and says, ‘I want to send my child to the school of the Church of the White Supremacist …’ The parent says, ‘The way that I read Genesis, Cain was marked, therefore I believe in white supremacy. … You gave it to a Catholic parent, you gave it to a Jewish parent, under the Constitution, you can’t discriminate against me.'”

The Church of the WTF? Pandering much to the South Bronx crowd, Hill?

As an adoring, if somewhat puzzled, audience of Bronx activists looked on, Clinton added, “So what if the next parent comes and says, ‘I want to send my child to the School of the Jihad? … I won’t stand for it.”

The reporter describes the crowd as “somewhat puzzled.” I think they were worried they were watching a meltdown in progress and she was gonna start foaming at the mouth.

John Bolton Practices Torture on Security Council Members

This is just evil:

At the invitation of U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, council members headed to Madison Square Garden on Wednesday to watch the New York Knicks get trounced 103-87 by the Miami Heat, their 17th loss in the last 19 games.

Watching the Knicks is akin to bamboo shoots jammed under your fingernails.

To get in the spirit but maintain his neutrality, National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern handed out red NBA caps to the ambassadors.

“We think that basketball is the international language,” Stern said.

Yes, and in any language, “Knicks” translates to “overpaid useless shits.”

I’m blaming this on “Regis.”

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