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Archive for "Feb 22 2006"

La Shawn Barber’s Corner » We’re Whores Here

La Shawn Barber’s Corner » Blog for Books!

You’re unforgivable. You wouldn’t know a Yankee if he wore a Pat Buchanon mask.

Really … Stick it. I’m the guy who they hire to edit hack chippies like you behind their backs.
PS: You wouldn’t know Jesus if he bit your ass.

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Remember when…

you believed in miracles? These days it’s kinda hard when you got dicks like Bode Miller manning our ramparts…

via Cuzin Chris: Who still has issues.

Past Blast: The Miracle on Ice 20 years later

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More Fingerboard Follies

Here we go all back down the rabbit hole…
How could this happen?

So, it seems, after all, that there might be another hidden agenda that can explain the Bush Administration’s inexplicable decision to entrust the control of six United States ports to a state-owned company in the United Arab Emirates.

Yeah, and it seems you clowns are charter members of the DU Crew, where conspiricies are spotted on the far side of every potted plant….

It turns out that Treasury Secretary John Snow, whose department signed off on the transfer of that authority from a British company to Dubai Ports World based in the UAE capital, has had previous dealings with DP World.

He was the chairman of CSX rail as it negotiated the sale of its own port operations to DP World for $1.15 billion in 2004, which happened a year after he became Treasury secretary.

And David Sanborn, who is in charge of DP World’s European and Latin American operations, was named by President Bush last month to become the head of the U.S. Maritime Administration.

“The more you look at this deal, the more the deal is called into question,” said New York Sen. Chuck Schumer. He even charges that the deal was approved by the administration in advance.

Excuse me, Chuck? Your wife’s installation as the head of Transit is the biggest honking failure of a smell test in this city’s politics in, like, decades.

Yes, it’s about national security; that comes first. But after that, it’s about the degree to which administration ties to the UAE and DP World influenced this patently dangerous decision. How could this happen in an administration supposedly focused on terrorism? The Snow-Sanborn connections suggest the first plausible lead in answering that question.

And you clowns not offering up a “hey, wait a minute,” when a Hong Kong company sitting under the thumb of the Chinese Communist government is in control of Howland Hook–our goddamn backyard!–never elicited so much a peep from you freaks, even though the joint’s reputation for being totally mobbed up was more established than this UAE outfit’s ties to any jihad guys… That joint stinks of the “Ugly” more than anything in front of your eyes.

But you dick’s are blind….

But you fuckers do fundraisers with the complicit shits in attendence, don’t you? And some represent the last gasps on your advertising account book’s main pages….

The Retreat is so complicent in the filth politically going on out here that how you manage to convince anyone to take your crew seriously beggars the imagination. Hey, Hanley? Where are your fucking balls?

Your paycheck is knee-deep in this shit.

I’ve said it before: “Stick to writing local crap, because the big time, national/international stuff is too far out of your uninformed, candy-assed, typical Wagner College/j-school illiterate idiot’s level of depth.

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