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Archive for "Feb 19 2006"

What He Said

About those “offensive” cartoons, and these new Abu Graihb pics, Cannuckistan Chronicles punches the ticket:

The only difference between these two images is that the first portrays helpless Muslims as victims of sadistic treatment, at the hands of Americans. While the second (rightly) makes a statement on the volatile and violent manifestations inherent in Muslim culture today — which has been aptly proven by endless rioting, arson, and frequent beheadings.


Americans bad. Islam good.

Tigerhawk weighs in:

Since the end of the Cold War, “tolerance” has become the ultimate Western virtue. This has been easy for us, because it has, until very recently, been possible — even recommended — to ignore intolerant people. We could not tolerate the intolerance of Nazis or Commies, but the Nazis are long gone, and the Commies that remain outside of Cuba and North Korea are CINOs and in any case not eager to extend a worldwide revolution. The Christian Right and the anti-religion Left are each fairly intolerant of the other, but neither are violent and both groups prefer their own company, anyway.

Resurgent Islam is changing this dynamic. The cartoon intifada has taught us that Muslims all over the world believe that they have the religious obligation to reach in to Western countries and nullify our most cherished rights. Not only does the “Muslim street” think this, but we have endured the absurd spectacle of Arab kings lecturing the Danes and other Europeans about respect.


Y’know something? Fuck ’em…bomb the sons of bitches back to the Stone Age reality they wanna live in, where they want the current world to work from.

And then nuke the pricks for good measure.

And for the fun of it kick France in its suckup motherfucker ass.

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WDBG: Darth Boss Radio

The Boss making radio waves

According to Major League Baseball moles, the Yankees are exploring the possibility of either acquiring, or purchasing equity in a local radio station.

Screw Spring Training; Boss is in mid-season form:


"Shut it up," Steinbrenner said as he made a motion to zip his mouth. "I like Ozzie Guillen as a manager but I don’t like him when he pops off like that. That’s [horse spit]."

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Go Light Up the Sky, L.I.

You don’t just root for her because she’s ours, because her older sister came out of Great Neck to win gold before her. It just would be great to see the 17-year-old kid win something in Italy now that she’s already shown us she knows how to lose. Some people go a lifetime in sports without the grace to ever get that right.

Rock and roll, Emily…y’all go rock and roll.

Lupica: Why not Emily?

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