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Leftynact-“Night of the Missing Moonbats”

It all began with whispers of a conspiracy on the far-left edge of the blogosphere weeks ago and has since blossomed into a full-fledged panic among many of those from the “Reality Based Community”

“Our worst fears have finally been realized! They’ve started rounding us up! I knew this was coming! I knew it!” screamed Ken Little, a frequenter of the Democratic Underground, or DU. “It’s just like Hitler and the Nazis all over again! We tried to warn people, but they just wouldn’t listen! Well, are you happy now??? Don’t think Bush is gonna stop with us, he’s coming for you, too! All of you — well, except all you Fascist Neocon c***suckers, that is! I hope you all die!”

Long Feared “Bush Purge” Reportedly Now Underway

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