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Archive for "Feb 16 2006"

Too Funny

The fact that FOX News kicks the shit out of the other cable outlets, and the way the White House press crew have been acting like spoiled brats, I gotta believe either Cheney or Darth Rove decided to just totally fuck them self-righteous assholes over by going to Britt Hume for that exclusive interview, pushing the baying pack of hyenas further over the edge in full view of whatever percent of the American public still pays attention to them.

Journalists Jealous Cheney Went to FNC, Take Shots at Integrity of FNC & Brit Hume

These jerkoffs are better entertainment than Letterman, Leno, Conan and Jon Stewart combined!

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Lawrence O’Donnell: Preening Asshat

Listening to the clip and reading the transcript from his appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show last night is an hysterical example of what breed of professional gibbering egomaniacal idiots can be found posting over at Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Asshatted Moonbats.

O’Donnell tossed up a post insinuating that Cheney was drunk when he shot his friend, and claimed “Every lawyer I’ve talked to assumes Cheney was too drunk to talk to the cops after the shooting.” So Hewitt asks the obvious question: What lawyers?

LO: Oh, my brothers are all lawyers. I must have talked to a dozen lawyers yesterday, including a former U.S. attorney…

HH: Who would that be?

LO: I’m not going to tell you who I talked to, Hugh. Of course I talked to a bunch of lawyers. It doesn’t matter.

O’Donnell tries dancing around, bringing up all sorts of irrelevent bullshit, but Hewitt won’t let go of the question, doing everything but just flat out saying the obvious “you’re full of shit, you made the whole thing up,” while trying to pry the name of at least one of these mythical lawyers from the douchebag’s lips. And since O’Donnell was just making it up on the fly from when he wrote the post, he can’t keep his bullshit straight (“a dozen” have already devolved to “a bunch”) under Hewitt’s questioning:

HH: No, no. I’m just trying to get the facts, Lawrence. I would like to know…

LO: Yes, I talked to a bunch of lawyers.

HH: How many?

LO: Five, six.

HH: Five, six lawyers, and they were all your brothers?

LO: No.

HH: How may were your brothers?

LO: One.

go catch this asshole’s display of just how ridiculously stupid Bush Derangement Syndrome and Cheneymentia have driven the elitist Lefties gathered in Zsa Zsa’s little corner of MoonbatLand.


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And So It Begins…

It’s that time of year again, kiddies. Time to hoist the Pinstriped Flag above the front door, drop the Coalition of the Darkside button in the side bar, and dream up new and entertainingly scatalogical descriptions concerning the lineage of various members of Red Sox Nation.

Pitcher and Catchers Report!

I’ll still be tossing up Yankee related stuff here, but more will be found on the Darkside, where the Madness of Darth Boss George and his millionaire minions will wash over me and I’ll regularly be calling for the death of RhoidBoy, kicking the Big Unit Asshole in the ‘nads, and generally be losing my mind from today till…

Until the bastards give me another parade!

I’m gonna take BootzDog out later and find some Mutt fan for him to sink his teeth into; gotta get him ready for the season, too…get him back into the mindset that when he sees that orange “NY” representing the shitbag team from Queens it’s a signal to tear the schmuck up.

Red Sox fans can make me crazy, but Muttsies make me homicidal;
they just need killing.

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