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Screw the Big Easy; Cheney Shot a Man!

via Non Traffic Santa:

According to the data the Committee itself examined, 56 hours prior to landfall, Katrina was a relatively weak Category 3 storm, heading west in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the next few hours, it began its turn north, but where the storm was going to make landfall along the Gulf Coast was any weatherman’s bet (the average 48-hour margin of error is 160 miles). In fact, it was not until the next day, Saturday, that it became more of a certainty that the hurricane was heading toward New Orleans. Furthermore, hurricane forecasters and emergency managers tell PM that until about 24 hours before landfall, hurricanes are too unpredictable to warrant the sort of blanket evacuation orders the report describes.

As the Puppy Blender suggests, read the whole thing, and then provide the Kos-ACK!-istanian conspiracy theorists with a scenario that made Pop Mech’s gearheads spin this story away from supposition/bloviation, and aimed it at the matter-of-fact.

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