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Archive for "Feb 14 2006"

But Which One is ME?

You scored as Millennium Falcon (Star Wars). The world around you is at war. Fortunately you know how to handle that with the greatest of ease. You are one of the best at what you do and no one needs to tell you that. Now if only the droids could be quiet for five seconds.

Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile II: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? (pics)
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It’s Already “One of Them Days”

The sound system’s alarm clock kicks in at 5:15AM and wakes me to the dulcet tones of Joe Strummer screaming “London’s Burning!” Wife swings arm out from beneath the covers and belts me in the chest, muttering “Turn that shit off” before burrowing back under the covers.

I get up, slide my feet into a pair of beat-to-hell sandals repurposed to slipper detail and stumble over to the control panel and switch the stereo from CD to radio and they are still going on about Cheney’s hunting accident.

I go into the office and power up the beasties, then go downstairs to the kitchen, where I discover that I didn’t set the coffee machine on “auto” so there is no jolt of joe waiting for me. I turn the thing on and shuffle off to the bathroom for my morning ablutions, scooping up Wife’s iBook G4 from the dining room table on the way. I plop down on the throne, open the laptop and hit the power button. Nothing happens.

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