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Archive for "Feb 13 2006"

Cheney’s Got a Gun

(I’ve got a certain Aerosmith song stuck in my brain today….)

When I heard about this yesterday in between shoveling stints I thought, “Wow. Bird shot from thirty yards…that hadda smart.” I figured Letterman and Leno would work all the variations the situation left laid open for them for a couple of days, and that would be that. I didn’t expect everyone in the media to go nuts. Sure, I expected this:
Mark in Mexico: Wild Bill Cheney creates lefty blogswarm

I mean, that was a given. But after watching the Washington press corps go completely bonkers because they were not immediately informed, because…well…”WE’RE THE WASHINGTON PRESS CORPS, DAMMIT! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US CHENEY SHOT A MAN FROM AUSTIN JUST TO WATCH HIM DIE?”

That crew needs a few rounds peppering their asses, because they are just as unhinged as a lot of the folks Mark’s roundup of lefty posters point out. They’re acting like this was some grand coverup attempt, when all it was in reality was an accident. The group is hunting on a fifty thousand acre ranch when one of the party is injured–not gravely, mind you; if it was a run-of-the-mill group of hunters, the guy would have been walked back to the nearest car and then driven to the hospital. The fact that the VP was there meant, with his security detail on site, the guy received quicker response and treatment: He’s lucky it was Cheney…it saved him further aggravation!

But acting like the fact that they didn’t drop everything and immediately inform the press is ludicrous. They got the guy to a local hospital, then had him shipped to a bigger hospital in Corpus Christi. Cheney made sure the man had the best possible medical attention. The local sheriff was duly informed and then, the next day, Cheney’s hostess informed the local press.

So where’s the crime here, people?

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