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RhoidBoy Forever

A year ago this Friday marks a one-year anniversary Jason Giambi would probably like to forget.

Dogged by a cloud of suspicion over his alleged use of steroids, the Yankee slugger scheduled a press conference at Yankee Stadium where he proceeded to apologize over and over.

Only he never said what he was sorry for.

I was thisclose to calling off my personal little fatwa and begin using his real name again…but then he proved to me the apologies were a load of BS when he was spotted wearing the “better living through chemistry” tee shirt. Then he had the nerve to say this:

“I was always the guy, in the beginning, that took over for Tino,” Giambi said. “Even though I had great years (in Oakland), we hadn’t won that World Series.

“I think every New Yorker, they love to see somebody face adversity and still stand tall. And not fall by the wayside. They like to see you man up, take your beating….

Look, moron, you replacing Tino had nothing to do with anything that happened to you here in Yankee Town; the Madness of Darth Boss George meant when you came on the free agent market Tino–a lifetime member of the Yankee pantheon–was gone.

When you refused to “man up” and admit you were a friggin’ juicer to protect your pile of BossBucks is what condemned you and prevents you from ever attaining Tino status in this fan’s affection.

He can have a monster season, but I ain’t ever gonna use his proper (given/sur) name again without RB in between or replacing one, the other or both until he comes clean about being dirty.

New York Daily News: Jason no longer sorry

cross posted at Coalition of the Darkside.

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