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Why is Anybody Surprised?

A lot of people are in an uproar because Coretta Scott King Funeral Turns Into Bush Bash and I’m thinking to myself, “Did you really think the Bush Derangement Syndrome would get checked at the door?”

After the performances at the memorial for Paul Wellstone, that the memorial for Mrs. King would degenerate into a politcal affair was a given; it was just a matter if they’d all go screaming over the cliff. With the President sitting right there, cameras feeding the event hither and yon, it was too tempting an opportunity for a weasel like Jimmah Cahtuh and that fossilized into similar irrelevence Lowery to take their shots when they knew there was nothing anybody could do to stop them. Since it was only two old horses whose better days were decades ago (in Carter’s case, while he was still in the Navy or farming peanuts) it’ll blow over quick enough. But the rank taste will remain in peoples memories of how, again, the Democrats and their base supporters are classless bastards who’ll spit on the dead attempting to score their political points…. In other words: nothing new; the person in the box today was the last thing on certain people’s minds.

Carter has proven once again what a bitter bastard he’s become since the American voters sent him and his failed presidency packing back in 1980 in favor of Ronald Reagan. He’s never come to grips with the fact that his administration’s triple double game (double digit unemployment, interest rates and inflation) and mewling foreign policy agenda was anathema to the average American citizen. And he’s been proving us right for tossing him out on his ass every time he pops up to pop off about every man who filled his former job–more competently–ever since.

And to show what a toothless, drooling, grumpy granpop he’s become, after first taking a mild swipe with his Katrina reference, his using the wiretapping of Mrs. and Dr. King as a way to take a swing at Pres. Bush about the NSA surveillance kerfuffle couldn’t be more rich. That a lefty golden boy, Bobby Kennedy, was the one who sicced J. Edger Hoover on King and the civil rights leaders–like that dinosaur Lowery–back when the Carter’s own Democrat Party didn’t give a damn, …. Bull Connor and his dogs and hoses? Democrat. George Wallace and his anti-intergratio in education? Democrat. Shit, the list is a mile long, and it’s peppered with people who put Jimmah into the Georgia governor’s gig that led him finally into the White House.

How these people have managed to rewrite history and lay all the blame for segregation in the south on the Republican Party’s doorstep is one of the biggest con jobs in American history. Goebbels and Stalin would weep with pride at the selling of the “Democrats are the party that fought the Civil Rights fight” lie.

UPDATE (02/08): The NY Post is stealing my material!

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