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Archive for "Feb 05 2006"

RIP, “Grandpa” Al

I voted for you, buddy. And I liked your comedy club over in New Dorp, even though the bouncers were assholes.

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FishFisk. Barrel. Ka-Boom!

Scott Burgess delivers the smackdown on George Galloway’s main competition for the title of Dumbest English Bastard on the Planet.

an early funny bit:

“So let me get this straight. “This is not an issue of secularism versus Islam” – the reason being that Europeans are secular and Muslims are not. “That’s why we talk about ‘the West versus Islam’ rather than ‘Christians versus Islam'”. He’s really not doing his point any favours here, is he?

The way he chops Fisk’s moronic column apart is a classic example of the artform that bears this idiot’s name. Today’s recommended reading.

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Why Bother Testing Them at All?

The New York Board of Regents, in a move I have to believe was instigated by pressure from the “self-esteem” police infesting the teaching establishment, who believe how the kid feels is more important than what the kid knows, have set their bar at an all time low.
Read it and weep:

New York appears to have a new tradition: Around this time for each of the past three years, the Board of Regents has announced that it’s lowering standards on the Regents test that high-school seniors must pass to earn a diploma.

This year, the annual nod to the state’s low expectations for its students arrives in record-breaking fashion: Students must correctly answer just 23 of 84 questions — or 27 percent — to get a “passing” grade on the Math A component of the Regents exam. That’s the lowest in the test’s history.

Got that? If the little kiddiepoos manage to answer correctly on a smidgen over 25% of the questions, the Regents award them with a pat on the head and send the poor idiots on their way, with the notion they know what they are doing when it comes to dealing with numbers. If I’m a Wall Street person in the HR department, hiring one of these kids will be like playing craps when it comes to determining whether or not they could handle the number crunching involved in succeeding in the Street’s main game.

As the Post’s editorial points out, if employing this standard on a multiple choice test just randomly guessing would almost earn you a passing grade…but you’d be too stupid to explain the math that lets that possibility exist.

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