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Notable Stuff While Looking at Server Logs

Jihadi’s in the Outhouse: I Knew if I Waited …

I’d find the inspiration over at Rusty’s, and he would supply (through bomb tossing Vinnie) something worthy of whipping out my iBook at the local mosque tomorrow morning (it’s three blocks away from my grease monkey’s garage and my brakes are kinda squeeky) and saying…

“Hey, Achmed! Stop looking at the fucking dogs; the dogs aren’t the problem you camel humping piece of shit it’s the guy in the car behind me with the shotgun pointed square at your head calling “jihad” in Gaelic on pussy Frogs and Danes and all that easy game you faggot-assed pieces of shit tried to make your bitch… it’s ME talking to you right now you gotta complain about some fucking cartoon? Because I’m going all sorts of Bugs Bunny on you, Fudd. If I so much as fart those dogs will eat your heart. Your motherfucker Allah promises you virgins and bowls fll of fat dates? Mine promised to ship my ass to Dante and ordered me room service on an inner circle. You savvy me, skippy? FUCK YOU.

Now get your sand monkey head over here and take a look at this…

( little iBook (renamed “Whiteboy” for the occasion) rolls through the DVD I’ve been cutting and pasting tonight that, if I may say, may qualify as a hate crime if I lived in the EU. All I did was juxtaposed the typical “Jews are Scum/Christian Are Scum” video clips against the cartoons that made Allah’s Assholes get their turban wound up so tight.)

ME: Fatwa this, Bitch! I got five hundred slack-jawed wops who will swear I was in their living room when I cut the dogs loose and let the gun open you chickenshit sphincter. And four hundred an thirty three will call you a “moolie” sight unseen.

You think I’m just roughing this scenario up, schmuck?

Right here. Right now. You fuckers are in the hole
for one hundred funerals.

Bring your fuckin’ jihad, dickwad.

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