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The MSM Act: Old, Tired and Busted, Again

The collection of scum that crawl under the rocks at fever swamps like Escheton, DU and Daily Kos, and morons like O-Dub’s Media Matters crew, are convinced the major media outlets are firmly under Rovian mind control.

Their biggest gripe (“evidence,” if you’re moonbattily inclined) is that when reporting stories or holding talking head roundtables, the MSM always leaves out what the loonies consider the salient info (see: “Downing Street Memo”), or don’t invite the properly vetted and prepped “progressive” pundits that will prove that ChimpyMcBushHitler is an idiot, and VP Dick Cheney is the AntiChrist. Media Matters is notorious when it comes to this; every morning when I see their top stories it amuses the hell out of me scanning the results that George Soros’s bucks upchuck. (And what the fuck is up with their O’Reilly obsession? Don’t they realize they’re doing no damage, just feeding his already overblown ego and providing him free material?)

From the right side of the dial the indictment that the MSM is one huge PR department for the Democrat Party boils down to the argument that Big Media is so in the bag that they won’t even make a token attempt at offering a balanced take on the topics of the day, and will just bury stories that will cast their partners in crime in an unfavorable light. Mother Shindareen is one of the best examples: they never mention her son re-upped, or the crazyassed shit she regularly spouts; she’s “Peace Mom” and not “Mentally Questionable Attention Slut.”

Yesterday Julian Bond went whacko again. Now, usually when some idiot like Bond (or that dipshit who called the Capitol cops “Bush’s Gestapo” after booting media whore Shindareen from the SOTU), I just ignore them, since I’m an old school Usenet hand, and a firm believer in Godwin’s Law. Anyone throwing that kind of shit into their argument is just a brainless asshole, and the BDS crew have used it so many times it’s as tired as Al Sharpton calling someone a racist.

Anyhow, while wandering around the Intarweb last evening I stopped in at Sister Toldjah’s, and she had posted a piece on Bond’s outburst. What piqued my interest was how she pointed out that the MSM barely noticed that the chairman of the NAACP–which represents a huge block of the Democrat Party’s base–was using that kind of rhetoric.

So who do you think has a better argument about which way the MSM leans?

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