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The Saga of Stapleton Studios, Act 2

A while back I laid out the story of a group of investors who got kicked in the face when they tried building a huge movie studio complex on a chunk of Staten Island’s North Shore that would have been a huge boon to the area’s reputation as a distressed and depressing destination newly reborne, and so a slice of Staten Island’s overall economy, in a post called The Saga of Stapleton Studios.

It was another example of the old, long-running story of Staten Island getting screwed in favor of some fat-cat bastards with the right political juice. So it was like chewing on tin foil when I came across this today:
Film studio, once proposed here, could be built in Louisiana

A $250 million movie-making complex originally proposed for the former Stapleton home port could end up spread across a 150-acre tract in a tiny village about 50 miles northwest of New Orleans.

Great Kills producer Robert DiMilia and filmmaker partner Alfredo Leone of Louisiana Entertainment Associates sat down Wednesday with economic development and tourism officials of Tangipahoa Parish to lay out their plans to establish the complex in Robert, La., a village of fewer than 1,000 people.

So the city–through its scumbaggy “we answer to no one and our rules are law” Economic Development Corp. forced out a local guy–and all the economic benefits his project could have produced here in his hometown–who now looks to be heading down to the bayou, for no damn reason that made any sense then, and still does not now:

Robert Cutrona, president of the Voice of Staten Island Business, said the city made a big mistake in letting the movie complex get away.

“This project was a no-brainer,” Cutrona said. “It would have brought a lot of good-paying jobs to Staten Island.

“This is just another missed opportunity by the city.”

It should be noted that the Stapleton home port property still sits undeveloped since they kicked DiMilia out back in ’04, while the EDC has yet to get off its ass and actually develop anything. They’re still touting the retarded scheme they proposed when they evicted Stapleton Studios, but seem to be finding it impossible to get anyone to go along with their scheme and actually build the damn thing.

Motherfuckers, EDC… you’re a pack of imbecilic cocksucking motherfuckers who I hope all die screaming for your mommas.

Go build your studio and make a billion bucks, Bobby D.

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Scooter in Repose

In Curt Smith’s excellent book Voices of Summer, Rizzuto is listed as the 27th greatest announcer in baseball history. In New York, he was No. 1 to Yankee fans for 40 years.


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The Bats in America’s Belfry

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