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Archive for "Feb 02 2006"

Groundhog Wars

Well, Punxatawney Phil is calling for six more weeks of winter, while our own prognosticator, Staten Island Chuck, says it’s the other way around.

Of course, I’m backing my local boy, because Our Groundhog is bigger than your Groundhog

Born Charles G. Hogg, Chuck has been kicking Punxsutawney Phil’s ass since 1981* — in a profession where accuracy is everything, he’s right 90% of the time (Phil languishes at about 30%).

Besides their groundhog, Pennsylvania is New York’s bitch — and given Phil’s statistical inferiority, it’s fair to say Pennsylvania’s got nothing, period. Except the Steelers.

Let the Pennsy-based flaming begin raining!

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All Your Media Are Belong to Us

Via Evil Glenn, (aka “Non Traffic Santa”):
Sirius Shock: Pirates Hit Howard Stern Show

A few weeks ago, when the first pirate radio stations began rebroadcasting Stern’s show on unclaimed radio frequencies in New York and New Jersey, Sirius immediately notified the enforcement bureau of the Federal Communications Commission — the very body against which Stern has so frequently railed. The FCC in 2004 cited Stern’s show on Clear Channel for “repeated graphic and explicit sexual descriptions.”

Sirius also moved quickly to crack down on websites that streamed audio broadcasts of the Stern show. The broadcaster sent cease-and-desist letters protesting such “blatant and willful infringements” and threatening to sue unless the underground broadcasters immediately went silent.

But as each one shut down, it seemed, another sprang up.

And there is nothing that can be done to stop it without the blowback ripping a hole in the ranks of Howard’s legion of listeners, because it will show that all his “screw the FCC; screw the man. I need to be free!” talk was just that: talk.

Now he needs every one of those schmucks to pay the fuck up!

UPDATE: Yikes, I’ve been Barking Moonbat-a-lanched!
Thanks, Skipper!

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