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They Did the Math

It was a simple equation when Google hit the Wall Street bricks: “Don’t be Evil” versus “Make Gobs of Money” was one hell of a hippie headline. But that’s all it was.

These two guys who started it all sold out a long time ago… specifically, the day they agreed to issuing the IPO. All the noble crap went out the window once they decided the cash was too cool, and they wanted it in their mitts as fast as the Fed could print it. They went for the money…. “Evil” is in the eye of your accountant.

What? You really believed that “no evil” shit? You probably still eat Ben & Jerry as a political statement after they cashed out and the issueing udders went corporate.

Keep being a fucking Rube, Jude! (la-la-la LAAA!, hey roob)

Google Agrees to Censor Results in China

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