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Archive for "Jan 23 2006"

Here’s a Shocker

Most College Grads are Dumbass Bastards

Twenty percent of U.S. college students graduating from 4-year colleges don’t have the skills to handle tasks like estimating whether their car has enough gas, or calculating the total cost of ordering office supplies, a new study has found.

When you take into account that a good portion of the instructors, with occasional exceptions, very likely are testament to the “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” bromide, these “graduates” were hosed to begin with. I’m just surprised the number who are flat-out functionally retarded is so low.

But every one of these mooks can tell you why you should “respect their feelings” and not point out they are idiots on parade; that would be “hate speech.”

Karl Rove’s Mind Control Ray

Was proven to exist when its signal was recently interrupted:
Democrats Claim Rare Moment of Sanity

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