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Archive for "Jan 20 2006"

Air America Idiot Update

From the New York Radio Message Board, it seems Air Idiot’s Mike Malloy is on his way out the door. He says he’s being replaced with these losers, and the news has generated more posts than anything about Air idiot in quite some time.

I loved this comment from one NYRMB denizen:

If true, then it is a complete travesty. Since he arrived at AAR, Mike Malloy and his highly strung passion have quickly become one of the best listens on that station. The Satellite Sisters, on the other hand, are the epitome of pablum, churning out program after program of barely listenable drivel. I’m sure the AAR listener, and I count myself as an AVID listener of their programming, will be delighted with segments on scrapbooking and which actor was “hot” in what current movie. I think radio execs have moved above lawyers as the first group to be gotten rid of once we take over.

I gotta say, the fact they shot down a progressive show hosted by a black guy that wouldn’t cost them anything, and now are going to replace one of their actually entertaining hellraisers (a WaPo piece about Malloy’s ranting drove NRO’s Corner kids a bit loopy today (search the page for “Totally Classy”)), with a show consisting of five white yentas yakking, isn’t what I’d call a move that will endear them to their hard core listeners. But I guess the bean counters decided the yentas had a better chance of bringing in ad revenue from businesses that were too worried about being associated with Air Idiot’s cast of whacks. Still, if this does tell me one thing, it’s that the investors who have been propping Air Idiot up are getting itchy about earning a return on their investments, and are slowly tossing overboard a lot of the programming Air Idiot featured when they first hit the airwaves.

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