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Archive for "Jan 18 2006"

Another Bullet in the Old Grey Lady’s Ass

The Bubble Tightens! – Locking Krugman in the Cocoon By Mickey Kaus

Christ…you can’t even e-mail them without coughing up dough?
Why don’t you just kill them, now!

Really. They are more irrelevent to the conversation every day you keep playing this “TimesSelect” game.

Windy Today, Eh?

So I turned the corner from the bus stop, walking toward my house, and I raise my head into the hawk and notice that my American flag is…gone. But the one mounted lower–where the seasonal and Yankees (while they are alive) flag pole sits–is still there, flapping like a FARKer boobiefaps.

I reach the front door and the dog is going bonkers, barking like a hellhound (as is his solemn duty if anyone steps foot on the property) andI’m fumbling to get the key in the lock when I hear someone calling my name. I turn around and TommyBoy across the street is waving the busted remains of my flagpole–still sporting the flag–and grinning.

“Ain’t supposed to be on the ground, Red! I picked it up.”

I love my neighbors that ain’t gangbangers.

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