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Archive for "Jan 17 2006"

Air America Idiot Update

Back in some earlier installments I pointed out how, for a “progressive” network, the Idiots had no qualms about kicking minority programming off some of the stations–like NYC’s WLIB–they broadcast their mainly lily-white roster of hosts from (the only minority directed show they feature is Chuck D and whatshername, relegated to the late Sunday night radio wasteland).

Now it turns out that someone offered them an African American hosted show that wouldn’t cost them a dime, and after four months of negotiating Air Idiot queered the deal

Information Radio Network (IRN), a traditionally conservative network, earlier last year launched an African-American progressive talk show host, Andre Eggelletion for national syndication. Despite its conservative values, IRN realized the lack of successful African-America radio talk show hosts in syndication today.

In August 2005, IRN approached Air America with a joint venture to
syndicate Eggelletion’s program, which had been airing on WSRF in Miami. At
the same time, IRN was able to garner a minimum of $400,000 annually in
advertising commitments for the program, predicated upon Air America’s list of affiliates.

The proposed agreement stated that IRN would produce and deliver the
program to Air America, and Air America would sign-up the radio affiliates.
Add revenues from the program would be shared between the parties equally
after recouping expenses. Air America needed only to provide a place for the
Eggelletion show in its lineup.

Air America would only offer IRN and Eggelletion the overnight shift.

Now, someone has to explain to me how a cash-strapped outfit would be willing to turn down a deal that costs them nothing, guaranteed to generate income, and provided them with a show directly aimed at the biggest single voting block the Democrat Party depends on, because I just don’t understand why they’d kill this deal by banishing the show to the dead air overnight shift.

Well, actually I do understand; as crazed bitch Clinton said the other day, it’s that “plantation mentality” thingie…. “Those people only belong on our airwaves when it’s…well, dark out, silly! The darker the better.”

And there is no person working in a management position that has any experince in radio at Air Idiot. Just “hippy-dumb-fucks-who-gotta-keep-their-mouths-shut” and bring in some rabid KosKid fucks in replace of adults before you burn the whole thing down.

And your investers won’t give a shit…they just write off the bit.

Also, NewsBusters has a transcript of lunatic Randi Rhodes from Friday the 13th that shows exactly how far into the fever swamp the Bush-hating moonbat left are willing to go in slandering (soon to be) Justice “Sammy Boy” Alito.

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Idiots Take the Stage on MLK Day

Whacked out Dems were on parade yesterday.
California Yankee busts them all:
Howling At The Moon, Dishonoring A Great Man

Are You Idiots on a Crack Binge This Morning?

I fire up the office this morning and find a bunch of emails from people who know what the “T” in TC stands for and what follows it when I sign my name, telling me the Puppy Blender mentioned me in this post. I guess you morons never visit FARK, especially the comment threads, because you obviously didn’t RTFA, and realize it was one of the other guys–like my cousin out in Jersey who even shares the same birthday (different year)–bearing that hallowed name who penned the piece in question. (Really, how could any of you been that dumb?)

So I’d ask you all to please put down the pipe, get to work and STFU!

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