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Slim Shady Sharpie Does Dartmouth

The Dartmouth Online: Sharpton rails at Bush in pre-MLK speech

I wonder how much scratch he squeezed out of Dartmouth’s “Young Democrats” for the joy that is Allie in bombast mode. Also, this college rag really needs to tighten up its fact-checking when it comes to reality, because they got Sharpton bio pretty loosely outlined whitewashed clean:

Never having held elected office, Sharpton rose to national fame after running unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 1988, 1992 and 1994. He ran for New York City mayor in 1997 and for president in 2004. No stranger to controversy, Sharpton has been accused by critics of overplaying the race card and misspending public campaign funds. In December 2005, he agreed to repay $100,000 in public campaign money, because he had exceeded federal limits on personal expenditures.

Most of those campaigns were either jokes or scams, and anybody who’s familiar with Rev. Al would testify to that. Also, Sharpie “rose to national fame” when he used Tawana Brawley–never caring for a minute that her story was complete bullshit–slandering people like Steven Pagones in the process, strictly to get himself national exposure.

Really, you just cannot leave out the Tawana hoax when describing the guy’s background. It’s how he got the notoriety to have the balls to even attempt all those bullshit campaigns beginning in 1988. He was just a two bit horeseshit Brooklyn rabble-rouser in a velour sweat suit (with an ugly piece of bling hanging from his neck) before that girl’s tall tale fell in his fat-assed lap back in ’87, and Sharpie decided to kindle the racial fireworks, never once caring whether her story was true, but it got all the newspapers and television cameras lined up for his theatrical schtick, and a “star” was born.

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