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Archive for "Jan 11 2006"

The Alito Hearings

God, I wish Alito would toss the goddamned decorum right now; lose the unearned civility he’s been maintaining while dealing with this bullshit and just blast the crap out of these idiots.

“Yo, listen up! Kennedy, Leahy, you dumb punk Schumer and all you other bastards–you too, Specter!–and you, you hag bitch from Frisco. Your bullshit reached a point where your constant assault on my character and integrity drove my wife from this motherfucking circus in tears. Let me tell you rich dicks something: I’m from Jersey… you hear me? Especially you, you fat drunk murdering Mick fuck. That shit don’t fly, and I should nail every one of you useless dumb fucks up against a wall right here and now. And you know what would happen? I’d be the Republican motherfucking Presidential frontrunner for 2008 and Rudy would be begging to be my VP.

Now ask me another fucking question about that Princeton shit and I’m coming over this table, capice?

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And the Winner Is…

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Throw a Sharpei on the Barbei, Bob-ay

I’m reading Former pol sees his future in hot dogs, about former Staten Island state Assemblyman (“former” even before losing his seat–little shitbag was living in Manhattan or Albany most of the time) Robert Straniere’s foray into the hot dog business and I’m silently chuckling as I read the riff he’s throwing at this Fingerboard Follies reporter, thinking “Dirty water dogs on every corner; roller grills, flat grills, Gray’s Papaya and their knockoffs scattered all over the city…you’re gonna get killed. And you seriously think you can make a national chain outta this dumbassed game?”

So I keep reading and find out the idea was born when…wait for it

The idea to move from bills to buns, he said, was conceived while he was in China in December 2004. He was dining with business associates, for whom he serves as a private consultant.

They decided that hot dogs would be a great food product for the Chinese market.

The Chinese know all they need when it comes to eating dogs, Bob-bo; you’re just too thick to realize your associates were pulling your leg.

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