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The Alito Hearings

How is it Chucky Cheese and his Dem cohorts don’t realize that, except for the howling moonbat Kos/DU crew, anyone watching this farce must think they are performing like a pack of dumb boorish assholes? Alito seems a calm, thoughtful guy, who isn’t taking the bait they keep throwing in front of him to try and make him lose his cool, and the more he does that, the goofier his inquisitors look. Really, if this guy was the nut they portray him to be, wouldn’t we have heard of him? Shouldn’t he have been sitting on the Ninth Circus?

They–like their lunatic Cindy Sheehan worshipping base–are having flashbacks, in these Senators’ cases to Bork’s hearings, where Judge UglyBeard decided to argue with them and nuked himself in the process. Homey don’t play that game no more.

UPDATE: Speaking of Bork flashbacks….

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