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No Wonder He Kills Hobos and Drinks Puppy Smoothies

Someone explain this to me.

Other than being enamored with the Holland Tunnelish asshole antics of some other chick, what–or where–are the chops that give this chick anything resembling a cred? Forget the book deal…jeez, damn near any broad with a decent rack seems to get some sort of media deal these days, but why does she have this “in the know” mantle when it comes to this Abramoff crap that rates a bloviate in the Old Grey Hag Rag?

Did she blow him or something, while Denton turned her into a low rent DC version of Heidi Fleiss? I’m serious. AM Cox is nothing more than a tricked out ho that earned enough dough to free herself from her pimp’s stable (after probably paying a kickback)…what the fuck does anyone see in this bitch, and why pay her any mind? I got a german shepherd mutt pup with a higher IQ.

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