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Archive for "Jan 04 2006"

A Silver Spoon-fed Punkassed Fuck

[CAVEAT]: “Punk” is a whole ‘nuther matter when it’s this clown.

Who’s odds-on the next Governor of New York unless he keeps blowing up?

You spoiled, balding, corrupt little Daddy’s Boy. You’re a double decade overdue for anger management classes/incarceration in a padded room. You scared all those Wall Street-types by extorting payouts a la Jesse and Sharpton and PR’ed it into acting like you fight for the common man, but you and your asshole staff actually managed to convict something along the lines of “Jack Shit.”

You just wanna scare people into filling your campaign pig trough so you don’t need to hit up Daddy for another illegal cash infusion.

When you were a little preppy putz those Wall Streeters were probably spitting on you in the courtyard at whatever half-assed, overpriced middle school you attended on the East Side. Then they buried you ass, accomplishment-wise, when you hit college and the real world and they marched off to that “Masters of the Universe” crap and you were still suckling Poppa Spitz’s tit….

No…come to think of it, most of the really big dog traders were blue collar kids with a passion to beat the living crap out of guys like you and learned how to play the game all on their lonesome.

Try me. I’m an existential nihilistic misanthropic son of a bitch. There isn’t a goddamn thing you could do that would be worse than ideas I’ve already toyed with an occasional dark, gloom-filled night. Or day. Or right the fuck now. Because the NY City Council is about to lose it’s fucking mind.

And that Peekskill asshole ain’t gonna do a finger’s worth of work to slow it down.

And I can properly wield a hyphen.

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Heads Better Roll

Media Reports Miracle Mine Rescue — Then Carries the Tragic Truth

In one of the most disturbing and disgraceful media performances of this type in recent years, television and newspapers carried the tragically wrong news late Tuesday and early Wednesday that 12 of 13 trapped coal miners in West Virginia had been found alive and safe. Hours later they had to reverse course, often blaming the mix-up on “miscommunication.”

“Misscommunication” my ass. These MSM news outlets have learned absolutely nothing following their total botch job reporting what really happened in New Orleans after Katrina hit.

From what sketchy information has so far been available, it sounds like some local–probably a relative of one of the miners–overheard a snippet of conversation among some officials in the command center that the miners had been located, and took that nugget it and turned it into “they found them and they are alive,” and lit out for the church where friends and family members of the missing miners were encamped.

These people heard that absolutely spurious message–while in a church, mind you–and believed they had been delivered their hoped-for miracle. And bastards like Crosby and that fucking dolt Anderson Cooper just tossed the idea of journalism into the garbage and fanned the families’ hopes by going on the air interviewing anyone they could get in front of a camera as if the rumor was true.

Instead of tempering their “reporting” by hauling ass to the command center and getting the officials to verify the story, they went straight for the emotional visuals of the euphoric friends and families singing and crying, in most cases joining them in their reverie as if it was their own kin down in that hole, and thereby fed the rumor and false hopes by treating it as hard fact;

“why would all these media folk be sticking cameras in our faces and joining in our celebration if it wasn’t true?”

And they kept at it until, again, one of the locals collared them and told them they had it all wrong. Not a smidgen of reporting was involved the entire time, just regurgitating whatever any passerby told them….

UPDATE: Anderson Cooper’s Nightmare ; “Say You’re Sorry, CNN” ; mediabistro: TVNewser

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