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Archive for "Jan 01 2006"

It’s Time to Wheel Out Tug


I want it on the record: Brad Van Pelt’s number shoud be retired! And I only trust this crew as far as the defense can drag their asses across the road.

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A Scary Among the Funny

It’s a good list, except for this:

* Newly elected City Council Speaker Andrew Lanza (R, Staten Island), backed unanimously by fellow council members, will announce that from now on council members will represent all New Yorkers — and not just labor unions.

Oddo’s crew just ordered a whack.

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Transit Strike Aftermath – Tear Down the MTA

NY Daily News – Michael Goodwin: Union walks, MTA balks & we all pay

As the Daily News reported yesterday, one of the great betrayals of the public trust is playing out in secret. Despite a public backlash against the union for paralyzing the city during Christmas week, and despite winning every step of the legal battle, agency officials caved in during settlement talks. Instead of sticking to what they called a final offer, they rewarded strikers with an undeserved gift of at least $110 million.

Listen up, taxpayers: That’s your money, no matter what pot it comes from. Tax or fare cuts would be a better, fairer use.

I’m still working on the death march scenario…beyond Kalikow, there’s at least a couple of guys who gotta die. And I’ll find their fucking names.

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