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Archive for "Dec 16 2005"

Shelly Silver Sucks (contd.)

Well, it seems holding Silver’s feet to the fire was a one day thing for the Daily News, which today carries only one piece related to the battle to toughen the laws involving illegal guns and attacks on cops. But NY Post editorial page and Albany-based Postie Fred Dicker continue the fight to keep the Shitheel’s unending intransigence in harsh display:

Sources close to Pataki and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Rensselaer) said Silver was insisting that any new gun-control legislation also include further restrictions on the legal ownership and sale of handguns, rifles and shotguns, which the state Senate strongly opposes.

Look, Shitheel, it ain’t legal guns that criminals are trafficking in and using to gun down cops and us common citizens. Fogging the landscape by trying to include changes to what a New York resident can legally possess–and process which already is pretty damn ponderous (unless you’re some rich shithead or a celebrity)–is posturing to a rabidly anti-ANY gun constituency that you already have firmly in your pocket, and continuing to kiss their asses is going to cost a lot of your Assembly Dems no end of grief next time they face voters who will be asking why they allow you to continually pull shit like this. You know perfectly well that if you let them, they’ll overwhelmingly vote for the legislation Pataki and the state senate have already endorsed. STFU and get out of their way.

UPDATE: The “Fingerboard Follies” are right where you’d expect them, as they note the local

GOP firing off a broadside slamming SI Dems for putting up with Shelly’s shenannigans:
It notes that the Assembly’s Democratic leadership has approved “some” gun trafficking laws but opposed allowing an up-or-down vote on legislation supported by Gov. George Pataki, which passed the Republican-controlled state Senate unanimously.

It would make it a felony to posses as few as three illegal guns and a “violent felony” to sell one of them. But published reports indicate Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver wants a measure with teeth sharper than the Senate legislation.

The “published reports” are the same articles I listed before about how Shitheel wants to screw legal gun owners; ie: “sharper teeth.”. This fucking useless bastard reporter Rob Hart outta stick to covering Legion ball… after all, that’s the only reason you got a job at the Retreat in the first place, Fatboy.

(previous Shelly suckage)

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