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Here It Comes…

I knew this was coming.

The Gambino organized-crime family, furious at the shooting of one of its bosses, is calling for a sit-down with the rival Bonannos to decide the fate of the ex-cop who allegedly pulled the trigger, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

The Gambinos are absolutely livid because the victim, Carmine Sciandra, who runs the Top Tomato produce market, is a top captain in the Mafia family and was once considered a successor to “teflon don” John Gotti, the sources said.

Both residents and law-enforcement officials fear that unless the dispute is resolved, it could lead to war between the two families.

The last line of the article is classic:

Top Tomato employees would say only, “I don’t know nothin’.”

We shop at that Topper whenever we’re on that side of the Rock, back ’round my old stomping grounds. Tuesday evening Wife wanted to stop in for cold cuts while we were heading home from a blustery afternoon’s jaunt down at the beach and boardwalk with BootzDog. I told her to just drive right on by. The last time I’ve noticed wiseguys I know this twitchy was after “Uncle Neil” died.

This ain’t getting “resolved” unless three bodies get delivered to the Gambinos.

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