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Archive for "Dec 15 2005"

Who Burns First?

I say Graydon the Dickwad for greenlighting this two-page spread. After all, she’s just an ego-driven psycho bitch.

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More Fingerboard Follies

These idiots are priceless.
Check out today’s lead stories (frontpage PDF here)

On their S.I., there’s no gangs running wild in Park Hill or the Mariner’s Houses, and the idea of mentioning MS-13 taking over Port Richmond is a fucking dream; there are no ganstas OR gangsters doing time and working crime on this sweet little bucolic borough’s blocks in their Wagner-glassy eyes… even when the NYPD is bracing for an old-school war. Nah, until somebody gets shot dead on one of it’s blocks, then, you just goddamn watch, the fucking Retreat will rend hair from their head… then won’t print anything to upset the Rock until someone else gets clocked. Unless that racist bitch running the “Perspective” section figures out a way to blame it all on Whitey.

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Now That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

This is starting to devolve into “Fishes in Barrel Wearing Jackassed Hats (and robes) Getting Buckshot.”
For all their blogging “expertise” these asshats didn’t learn Rule One: “Don’t think for a second you’re smarter than me.”


My five year old cousin could run this so-called company better than Roger L. Simon. The lights are on but no one is home over in PajamaLand. Anyone want to photoshop a map of that?

If those clowns did even one thing right, I think the entire earth would stop dead in its orbit.

Captain Food Porn is climbing all over their asses. Go read.

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