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Archive for "Dec 14 2005"

This Just In…


I love watching Leary when he’s on a full-burn rant, because, as too many of my friends remind me, it’s like I’m looking at a mirror, right down to the beers, cigarettes, ice hockey and red hair. When he first showed up in those MTV spots, my friends all demanded I catch his act:

“he is doing you at the bar when you’re pissed and pissed off, Rojo…. I swear to God, he even repeats shit I’ve heard come right outta your mouth years ago.”

Me: “Yeah, well then you fuckers all owe me at least a dollar and three beers each considering what you’re paying for cable. And you, WopBoy? You owe me a bottle of Wild Turkey, because that garlic stench is getting on my nerves.”

Shelly Silver Sucks (contd.)

The Daily News, finally, unloads:
Editorials: Get cracking on crime laws:

Two powerful voices appear in today’s Daily News on the pressing need to toughen the penal code to better protect police, and, for that matter, civilians. One is a searing indictment of the Assembly’s failure to strengthen slap-on-the-wrist laws against illegal guns. The other is a call for action on the broad Crimes Against Cops bill.


What drew both to write was outrage over the fatal shooting of Officer Daniel Enchautegui after the slaying of Officer Dillon Stewart and the wounding of nine other cops since June. Frasse and Byrne offer solid plans of action for Gov. Pataki, Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and, most of all, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

(emphasis mine)

A cop’s letter that should shame every Albany politician
by Detective Adama Frasse:

I undertook another letter-writing campaign. This one was aimed at Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who was rumored to have single-handedly stalled this bill. I made thousands of copies of this letter and handed them out to friends and co-workers, urging them to sign them, to send a message that New Yorkers were tired of being victims. (…snip…)

To this day, no one who signed that letter has received a response, written or otherwise, from Silver or any faction of the Assembly.

Lawrence Byrne: Albany should act now.
If the name Byrne seems familiar…

Almost 18 years ago my younger brother Edward, then a rookie New York City police officer in Queens, was assassinated by a crack gang as he sat in a marked police car protecting the home of a cooperating witness and his family in a pending drug prosecution.

Make no mistake about it, the bloody hands in this belongs to: a) Shelly the Shitheel; b) the gutless Democrat majority in the NY Assembly who allow him to play his imperial games, and c) his “constituents” on the Lower East Side, who keep returning him to office even while he bottles up all manner of legislation that would make their lives better.

You should all burn in hell.

(previous Shelly suckage)

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