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Kiss my ass ‘Goodbye’:

Introducing the New Oscar Wilde

you’re worse than those Jammie shits….


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Air America Idiot Update

(note: I don’t know why I’m bothering with this anymore…
it’s not like the numbers ever really change….)

The latest numbers are in:

The NYC Arbitron Abbattior 12/12/05:
WABC (Rush, Hannity): 3.7; 8th overall
WOR (O’Reilly, Savage): 2.3; 18th overall
WLIB (Air Idiot): 1.3; 24th overall

According to any standard, they are officially an abject failure in NYC, struggling to maintain the roughly quarter million or so listeners that LIB had when they played the steel drum stuff. I may take a pass until the next time they do something seriously dumb, or get hauled into court for some of their previous dumbassedness.

If you’re day-to-day jonesing for gratuitous Air Idiot bashination, check out BoreAmerica or Maloney.

UPDATE: or read the howling about the “Green Miled” Morning Sedition, which, IM(not)HO, was the best thing they had going.

Shelly Silver Sucks (contd.)

The NY Post has him under seige, and it’s fun watching the Shitheel reel:

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver — who set off a storm of protest last week when he declared, “I don’t go to cops’ funerals” — beat a stunning retreat yesterday as he revealed that he’ll pay respects at today’s wake for Officer Daniel Enchautegui.

In a second article, Silver’s chief press nemesis, the Post’s Fred Dicker, notes Silver’s imperial act is wearing thin with fellow Dems:

Embattled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver isn’t just getting heat from law enforcement for skipping cops’ funerals and dragging his feet on gun-control legislation, he’s also getting blasted as a “Lower East Side Mike Dukakis” by his fellow Democrats.

“This is hurting all Democrats in New York,” one of the state’s leading Democratic activists told The Post.

“Shelly Silver is being branded as soft on crime, and he’s failing to defend himself.

“He should recognize that his actions implicate other Democrats in the state,” added the activist, a prominent figure who sought out The Post to make his comments.

The Post’s editorial page continues to bang him like a gong:

New York tomorrow will say farewell to Officer Daniel Enchautegui — the second city cop shot dead in the past two weeks, and the 54th to die in the line of duty since Sheldon Silver became speaker of the state Assembly. (…snip…) He will attend Enchautegui’s wake, he said yesterday — demonstrating, we suppose, that the man is not totally beyond shame. A more meaningful gesture, of course, would be for Silver to permit his house to pass Gov. Pataki’s pending legislative package aimed at illegal guns.

Silver is clearly irked at the negative attention his comment on police funerals drew after it first appeared on this page.

“I don’t believe that you make political appearances at funerals,” he told The Post’s Fredric U. Dicker yesterday.

But not attending a hero cop’s funeral can be a political statement, too. By staying away a mind-bending 54 times — the most recent absence being last week’s services for Det. Dillon Stewart — Silver has sent a crystal-clear message: Cops’ lives don’t count for much in the New York state Assembly.

If they did, Silver would have long ago passed the anti-gun-trafficking legislation that is backed by the governor, has passed the state Senate, 60-0 — and is supported by many in the Assembly.

How this clown survives as the leader of the Assembly Dems–and why the NY State Republicans aren’t beating his head against the wall for his long record of intransigence about doing what’s right for the city and state when it comes to his record of (among other things) coddling cop killers, gun runners and sex offenders, is one of the biggest reasons the idea of just wiping Albany off the map and starting over appeals to me. The process is so completely broken that there is no hope of fixing it as long as Silver and Bruno (along with whoever is the governor) are running the town from their little back room, and the rank and file members of the Assembly and state senate sit on the sidelines, afraid to open their mouths for fear they’ll pay a political price if they buck their bosses. The whole lot of them are useless.

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