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Archive for "Dec 07 2005"

Capt. Tammy Strikes Again

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Riddle Me This…

How is it The Puppy Blender has an advert (look to the right(!) side) featuring jammies, but when you go to their home they feature a robe?

Six grand… I’ll brand your asses like Mickey Mouse’s ears on a steer’s rear… you potzers.

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A LeatherPenguin Bleg

I’m looking for a solid CMS to be implemented both in-house and out.

Web side, it’s going to need to be able to present a portal-like face leading to multiple individual sites at the front door. I’m in need of suggestions on an open source option that will be easy to get up and running and relatively simple for me to get up to speed on using and managing so I can tell the people using it how to get their stuff up.

While I love using WordPress for my personal space, I’m insanely strapped timewise to get this done (the projected rollout day is Elvis’s 71st Birthday), and DO NOT want to deal with multiple WP installs (since WP MultiUser sucks ass).

I’m looking for something that is lean, and doesn’t force me to get up to my neck in PHP/MySQL. Most of the design for the sites is being done in Fireworks (ie: graphically), because I don’t have the patience or time for dicking around with code for every piece of this project, and have farmed it out to various minions with scribbled notes as their guidelines. I’m talking WYSIWYG-ish interface for pumping out the templates, peoples! So my design monkeys can finally be weaned from Quark (which I hereby swear–ahead of my New Year resolutions–to never lay hands upon again) and be brought into the Web fold…or shot.

I’m too involved in bickering and dickering with various parties about whether to throw my current webhosting service over the side if they don’t make me a better deal or signing up with a new crew to do the research.

So I’m asking you: the few; the proud; the monkey-porn crowd:

Suggestions, please.

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