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Shelly Silver Sucks (contd.)

“Assembly leadership” equals Shelly the Scumbag:

Whether it is enhancing Megan’s Law, expanding the DNA Databank, or enacting a civil-commitment law that will keep violent sexual predators off our streets, the Assembly leadership refuses to allow its members to vote. Why?

Though we all know that there are too many illegal guns in the hands of criminals, the recent murder of heroic New York City Police Officer Dillon Stewart is a tragic reminder of the danger on our streets. But for the criminal-justice community, what is most frustrating is that the governor has been proposing tough gun-trafficking laws for years — and gotten overwhelming bipartisan support from the Senate (the most recent vote was 60-0) — yet the Assembly leadership has refused to allow its members to vote on this bill.

New York Post: postopinion–Silver’s Sad Stall

I truly do not understand why this guy is not being crucified in the court of public opinion, and why his fellow Assembly Dems up in Albany who represent NYC–like our local loser Lavelle, let him get away with it. Why damn near every elected Republican in the entire state seems afraid to fight this clown head on, just roast the pig under the glare of the news cameras every day of the week, is unfathomable, and one of the biggest reasons their political party’s statewide future is sitting in the shitter. He is the greatest target–and his fellow Assembly Dems who bow down before him–they could ever hope for to mercilessly attack and gain some ground in the Assembly, yet the NY Repubs basically give him a pass.

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