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Archive for "Nov 29 2005"

Yawn… Been Here; Done That

Gold strikes above 500 dollars for first time since 1987

I remember when COMEX reconfigured the scoreboards in anticipation of the big 1K, so this 500 number means absolutely horseshit to me.

See me when they hit $650–and I mean hit it: see if the puppy’s got a backbone…that’s where it’ll start to get interesting.

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The More I Think About It, the More I Hope They Crash and Burn

I’m looking at their front page and thinking, “how goddamned douched out can this pack of assholes get?”

First, their new logo is a robe?
Earth to whoever the fuck approved this…a robe ain’t got nothing to do with pajamas, kapeesh? Why not pull another name change and call yourselves “Dressing Gown Clowns.” Whoever you’re paying to handle your branding is a roaring fucking asshole who is robbing you schmuckos blind!

Next, the top story, about Congressional criminal Randy Cunnigham, is bylined: “Compiled by Pajamas Media Staff in Barcelona.”
Like there’s an army of little Jammie Journos running loose out in Spain…a name, assholes! Print the sonofabitch’s name! (And how fucked up is having a story about an American politician “compiled” by some Barcelonian bitch? Did ya have to run the copy through a translator first? Sheesh….)

And then, the killer; the mark of the fell elitist beast at the heart of this enterprise in all its unbridled glory: “On November 30, former Wall Street Journal opinion columnist and Pajamas Media advisor Claudia Rosett will be filing a special report ….”

Ms. Rosett is a damn fine reporter/columnist, but what the fuck is this “advisor” shit? And how much does that title attached to her name on the marketing materials you whore to potential advertisers cost you clowns, beyond what she charges for supplying you with content?

First that contemptible bitch from the Times, now another “marquee” name, this time from the Journal…why don’t you just hit your knees, suck Pinch’s pud, allow Rupert a reach-around and be done with it already?

Put it all together and all I see are a new pack of less-talented hacks desperate for ad dollars…trying their damnedest to be the “new” MSM.

You’re just as vain, stupid and snobbed out as any of those motherfuckers. You sure as shit have no claim to the “bloggers” monicker anymore. You’re just a chunk of money-hungry punks.

Christ, Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Asshatted Moonbats are better at this game. Who needs you?

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You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Blondie, the trailblazing New York new wave group, was voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday along with Miles Davis, the Sex Pistols and Ozzy Osbourne’s Black Sabbath.

Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd and trumpeter Herb Alpert also got the nod in one of the most eclectic groups of entrants in the 21-year history of the hall.

Calling this a motley crew would be an understatement. “Blondie, the trailblazing New York new wave group…”

God bless Miles and his horn but get him the fuck outta here, too. Points are earned, however, by delineating which version of Black Sabbath got the nod (here’s a rope, Tony Iommi–go piss up it).

New York Daily News: Rockers roll forever

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