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Archive for "Nov 28 2005"

Air America Idiot Update

You’d think that WLIB/Air Idiot’s ratings in the NYC metro area couldn’t possibly get worse, right?

You’d be wrong.

There’s more on the subject here, but scrolling down the page dumps some more fun:

“Air America’s flagship, WLIB (1190), has been getting plenty of criticism for not promoting itself enough to a market where the calls and frequency are all but unknown. So we were more than a bit surprised to flip open the issue of The New Republic that arrived today and find a full-page ad for the station. Yes, that’s a national magazine, with much of its circulation in Washington, D.C., far from the WLIB signal – but it may, perhaps, give some sort of indication of where Air America is now pitching itself, attempting to be part of the progressive political establishment. (We’d be more than a little curious to find out if the ad ran in The Nation, as well, several notches to the left of TNR on the political spectrum…)”

I be curious to know how much money they’ve blown buying that full page ad when it seems no one in their market knows they exist.

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Bush’s “Illegals” Speech

I’m sorry, W, but I’m sitting here listening to this horseshit…don’t you dare tell me about MS-13 when I have a house full of those fuckers living a stone’s throw away from my front door, and the only reason they keep abeyance is Me, my dogs and two Mossbergs having let it multilingually known that stepping on my sidewalk or messing with me or mine has ramifications, cholo!

You federally strike down all those “sanctuary” pieces of shit “compassionate” legislative directives dancing around the major cities and thereby handcuffing the cops from kicking these fuckers out, and then, maybe, I’ll take you seriously. Until that time, just shut the fuck up.

The Sky is Blue, Water is Wet, and…

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