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MSM: Old, Busted, but Still Good for Laughs

When Drudge went nuts and practically wet himself about the “X” flashed across VP Dick Cheney’s face I wrote it off as, like CNN has claimed, a glitch in their systems. I could not believe, after what happened to Eason Jordan, anyone working for that outfit would be stupid enough to purposely pull such a maneuver. No idiot in Atlanta could think for a minute they would get away with so brazen a stunt without the inevitable following storm, right? There are dozens and dozens of folks out here on the web (especially in BlogTown) that ache for a chance at busting an MSM outfit for blatant bias such as an incident like this would be taken for. No one could be that dumb.

And so I forgot about it, until I stopped over at Bill Quick’s Daily Pundit this afternoon, and listened to some amazing audio generated by an outfit called “TeamHollywood,” who–if this is all legit (and I think it is)–has asploded CNN’s “glitch” explanation, by simply placing a call to CNN’s “Headline News”desk and asking what the hell was going on…and down comes the fun!

Get your eyes and ear here and follow Bill down a rabbit hole that might cause another Atlanta head to roll.

PS: Hey, OSM PJM (“the next copyright we shit upon“) swine-like money hungry morons: You clowns would be doing stuff like Quick if you’d get off the stick and stop acting like MSM dicks.

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