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Cold, Dead Fingers, Baby. Cold Dead Fingers

The recent rebuke of the power grab by the UN, an opening gambit by that derelict organization in its war to seize–and thereby dictate–control of the Internet’s basic operation and content was, as earlier noted, just an opening salvo. These bastards are never gonna give up, because–and every two-bit hack apparatchik working for the US State Dept. and those idiots who get coined “diplomat” for writing fat campaign check and then stunningly show they are nothing but dumb–refuse to think cold and clear.
Thank the Baby Jeebus for a hardass like Bolton to fight these fucks.

Pete (“My family took Rocky’s oil and ran with it“) du Pont, in his essay today at OpinionJournal,
Cease-Fire in Tunisia
, lays a couple of facts on the line when it comes to the game over at Turtle Bay:

… last Tuesday Mr. Annan took action to reinstate U.N. Deputy Director Joseph Stephanides, who was fired six months ago for illegal bidding procedures. It seems that Mr. Annan didn’t think what had happened in the Oil for Food program was really that bad after all. Or to put it our own perspective, Dennis Kozlowski stole $600 million from Tyco and got eight to 25 years in prison; Kofi Annan supervised more than $12 billion in international theft and will stay in his job….

The Internet is one of the greatest mechanisms of progress in the history of the world. More than one billion people use it; anyone with a computer and a connection has access to 167 million megabytes of information that is instantly available. Ideas and information can be shared, explained, tested and improved upon. Because of the Internet, governments, economies, institutions and individuals can and do prosper.

But the availability of such information threatens a great many despotic nations which do not believe individuals should have access to information that may be damaging to their governmental societies. The regimes in China, Cuba, Iran, Syria and Tunisia, for example, believe Internet content must be controlled so that individuals do not have access to any information that has not been approved by their governments. In China the word “democracy” is not allowed on the Internet; it is just too dangerous to the communist government. And so such nations want international controls on Internet usages and content.

Personally, I find this UN bit of machination quixotic to the Nth Degree. Those dumbassed shits sitting in Turtle Bay, Brussels and Geneva, may–in a more than usually weird world–believe they can take control of the ‘net and make it bend to their demands. They really, really really might buy that idea. God bless ’em.

I don’t believe they ever met, or spoke with, the jacks who keep those root servers they lust after running, taking a globe-wide data-pack beating every second of every minute of every hour of every din-dong day and making it all work. Hell, I know they have no clue if I asked “Do you remember 300 baud modems?” If these assholes really believe the hard-core guys and gals who keep this thing running are going to just hand them the keys….


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