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Archive for "Nov 19 2005"

Call a Spade a Spade

If you think I’m a hardass, you never met my Blogfather, Misha.
Vote “Anti Idiotarian Rottweiller” for King, pilgrims.

Deck O’ Bloggers 2005 – SPADES Voting Begins!

or we track down your sorry asses and deliver a bucket of noogies!

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Don’t Do the Crime If You Can’t Pay the Dime

sing it, Sammy:
and keep your eye, aay-yai-yai! on the passport!
O.J. 2: Civil Jury Whoop-di-Doo

Eight months after Robert Blake was acquitted at a criminal trial of murdering his wife, a civil jury decided Friday the tough-guy actor was behind the slaying, and ordered him to pay Bonny Lee Bakley’s children $30 million.

They’ll never see a dime.

Civil Jury Says Blake Behind Wife’s Murder

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